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    About ClipPlanet

    Welcome to

    The multi-language music site with thé most (+50,000!) videoclips!
    With over sixteen hundred members across the world and even more visitors we're a website where music is what matters, in any kind of language!
    We're not only showing the popular videos but also clips of not so famous bands but who do deserve more attention from a bigger audience!
    So if you're in a band and have a video, do tell us and maybe we'll show it on our index!
    Do you have your music on Soundcloud just send us the link to the song and we make sure it will be in our database!
    Over more than 99% of the videos on ClipPlanet also have the lyrics of the song, completed with the biography of the artist/band and the chords of the song!
    ClipPlanet comes in 25 languages:

    English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Danish, Arabian, Letland, Portuguese, Swedish, Romanian, Slovenian, Hungarish, Georgian, Lithuanian, Serbian, Albanian, Turkisch, Brazilian, Hebrew, Thai and Bulgarian!

    If your language is not available you can write to and we'll send you the english word file wich you can translate into your own language and when we get it back we'll implant your language into!.
    Looking for a particular video or artist?
    Use the search bar at the top of every page.
    Tap at least the first 3 letters of the artist you are looking for into the searchfield,
    and there will appear some suggestions to videos of this artist / band that are on our site.
    You want a full list to all videos from this artist at
    Tap the full name of the artist / band into the search bar and press the "Enter" key on your keyboard!
    It can happen that a certain video doesn't show up, this is probably a so called dead link.
    We would really appreciate it if the video doesn't exist anymore to report this by clicking on the button under the player.
    Cost you no more than 5 seconds of your time to do so and it will help us tremendously with keeping the site clean.
    There are more than 50.000 videos and it's impossible for us to check them all every day to see if there are any dead videos.
    In general there are multiple links to a particular song,
    so a little research gives mostly a good result in finding your video.
    If the video isn't there at all, then become a member of
    and send us the link to this videoclip, for example on YouTube, Vimeo or most other video sites!Of course we try to have all the latest videos of the most well known artists,and mostly we do have them, but we at ClipPlanet also try to be a stepping stone for yet unknown" starting artists who have a video and want to improve their popularity!
    So don't hesitate to email us if you have a video with your song! In any genre, as long as it has quality!
    And it doesn't have to be a studio recording, we just love 'LIVE' recordings!

    We're happy with every member but we're against spamming in every way so your IP-number will be checked if it has been regularly used for spamming.
    If so, we can't activate your account, sorry for that!
    Thank you and enjoy listening /viewing our videos!
    Any questions can be send to

    Your ClipPlanet team!